This versatile Anchor/Reporter has worked in Broadcast Journalism in Los Angeles since 1991. Since then, she has covered nearly every major news story, both local and from around the world. She has reported LIVE from the scene of BREAKING NEWS, from floods to fires to riots. She has told the human stories from the anchor chair and from the field, interviewing both victims and “authorities” to get the story.  For the previous 8 years, you could hear Savage daily on KFWB Radio, as the Afternoon Drive News Anchor. By the time Tracie joined KFWB, she was already a household name in Southern California.

Savage spent 7 years at KNBC-TV as a Reporter and Weekend Anchor. Before that, she worked at KCAL-TV for 4 years.  Recently Savage began covering sports, producing and hosting an LA Dodger’s Pre-Game show for 5 years. She earned a Golden Mike Award in her first year as a Sports Anchor.

Savage was on the air the historic night Barack Obama was elected President and the day Michael Jackson died. For the past year, she has produced a weekly entertainment segment- “Kids in the Biz”, featuring a top Los Angeles Talent Agent, Judy Savage.  She has reported on the aftermath of the 911 tragedy and the Bernard Madoff investment Scandal. She was the principal field reporter for the O.J. Simpson civil and criminal trials and the Heidi Fleiss trial, covering all three from opening to closing. She reported live from the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, which included the night of the Olympic Park bombing. Savage also went on site to Oklahoma City following the 1995 bombing of the Federal Building.

Savage has interviewed some of the most well known newsmakers of our time, including celebrities such as Anthony Hopkins, sports stars such as Steve Garvey, and even former Presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Savage has earned a total of 4 LA Area Golden Mike Awards and 2 LA Area Emmy Awards. As a direct result of her work during the O.J. Simpson trial, and her refusal to reveal sources, she was honored with the “Bill Farr Award” by the US Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association in recognition of “professional journalistic integrity”.

Tracie Savage grew up in a “show biz” family, doing her first TV commercial at the age of two. She went on to appear in numerous commercials, TV shows and movies. But, she is perhaps best “known” for her co-starring role in “Friday the 13th, Part 3.”

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